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All doctors are fluent in English and Spanish.

Our Clinic Manager, Núria, is fluent in English, Spanish and German and other full-time staff can also accommodate Portuguese, Italian and French.

Insurance companies

International health insurances

We generally work with all major international health insurances, but please do check with us when making an appointment. In most cases, we are able to bill international health insurance companies directly.


Spanish health insurances

For Spanish health insurances, please note we don’t work with the basic plans of Adeslas, Sanitas or Asisa. However, we may be able to see you if you have one of their reimbursement plans (reembolso), for instance, Adeslas reembolso, Sanitas Más 90.000, Sanitas Blua, Sanitas Premium 500.000, or Asisa Integral. Other examples of reimbursement plans include DKV Mundisalud. Please check with us when making an appointment.


We have an international department that may be able to help with specific insurance and logistic issues.

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