Telemedicine - meet your doctor by video

Need to see a doctor now or can’t travel to a clinic? Telemedicine is a convenient alternative, which allows you to meet your english speaking doctor for a face to face video call anywhere in Spain. By choosing a video based appointment, you can see a doctor for an online consultation. Our doctors can offer health services such as make a diagnosis, explain treatment plans, order lab tests, review medication and write prescriptions. All of our english speaking doctors are available for online appointments, including general medical doctors, urologists, psychiatrists, counsellors (see full list).

5 steps for a simple and secure video appointment


Book an appointment (pick your doctor and time)


Receive confirmation


Make payment (see rates) by PayPal or bank transfer


Attend your video appointment. We will send you a weblink to a video platform that works in web browsers, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Nothing to download. If you prefer we can also organise the call through Skype or FaceTime.


Receive receipts, prescriptions by email or post.
See video tips

You can use a computer, phone or tablet for the video call —It just needs to have a camera.

You will recieve a link/url to your online appointment at least 30 minutes before the video call (see service we use). We can also accommodate Skype or FaceTime

Sign in 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

Find a quiet place and make sure you have strong internet.

Set the camera at a nice height and check lighting in the room.

Open the link/url to the video call and wait for the doctor to join.

Have a pen and paper to take notes.

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