Your international clinic in downtown Valencia with English and Spanish speaking doctors.

Our most requested specialties and services

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We understand how it feels being unwell away from home. Our team of English speaking doctors provide personalised treatment for over 12 specialities in a modern medical clinic in downtown Valencia.

At My Medica there is no waiting or crowds. Doctors have extra time and space to see patients. It is a modern medical clinic and a model in maintaining high sanitization and cleanliness standards.

Our most frequently asked questions

At My Medica our main specialities and services cover: general medicine, dermatology, gynecology, endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid, hormones), ear-nose-throat, urology, cardiology, paediatrics, pulmonology, COVID-19 tests, orthopedics, psychiatry, nursing, aesthetic medicine, sexual health and an ultrasound service.
You can call by telephone, write us an email or send your request by our contact form. More information here.
Telemedicine is a useful alternative that allows you to see your doctor by video. With telemedecine our doctors can diagnose and treat ailments, revise treatment plans and prescribe medications. More information here. Also, if you need a COVID-19 test (PCR test) for travel purposes, the clinic is able to test on site and provide results within 24 hours.
English medical clinic Valencia

At My Medica there is no waiting or crowds. The doctors organize their appointments with more time and space between patients.

English medical clinic Valencia

Our modern clinic is a model for cleanliness and follows the highest disinfection and hygiene standards.