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Internal medicine doctors, also known as Internists, deal with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. These include cancer, infections, and conditions affecting the heart, blood, kidneys, joints, and the digestive, respiratory, and vascular systems. Internal Medicine physicians see the big picture, their deep training and knowledge of the entire human body and its organ systems give them a unique perspective of how everything works in unison.

Dr. Lydia Díez Langhetée has extensive experience in diagnosing and managing diseases involving any of the organ systems. She regularly sees patients with autoimmune diseases, rheumatological conditions, metabolic conditions, infectious diseases and vascular and thromboembolic diseases. She also has special expertise in rare diseases.


Dr Díez Langhetée is offering a Telemedicine option (online videoconference appointments). If you need a second opinion, need to review your medication and renew your prescriptions, or need to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing but cannot or prefer not to travel for a face to face appointment to see an internal medicine doctor in central Valencia, this can be a suitable option. A face to face appointment may be required at a later time. Contact us to book your telemedicine appointment.


COVID-19 Update: During the current situation with the Coronavirus, My Medica aims to continue to provide care for its patients. We will be encouraging video call appointments to reduce face to face contact and unnecessary travel until the situation improves.
  • Initial appointment 150€
  • Follow-up appointment 120€

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